Before 2022 comes to an end Le Youth is doubling his number of This Never Happened projects this year. Fresh on the heels of remixing the label boss’ Channy Leaneagh-assisted Reviver inclusion, “I’ll Wait,” Le Youth’s has delivered a two-for-one EP Chills / Cycles, marking his first new original music since sharing his debut album Reminders this past May.

In a recent tweet, Le Youth revealed that while “Chills” was born recently, “Cycles” was a near shot to ending up on the Reminders tracklist, however, he came to the decision that the original simply didn’t fit in with the album’s overarching direction. And he expanded on the creation behind his emotive, double-sided outing on Lane 8‘s imprint, stating,

“chills was something I made more recently. I guess it was one of the first things I finished post-album. to me it’s simple, emotive, and driving. which is where my head was at at the time. cycles was actually a big contender for the album but ultimately didn’t make the cut— not because I didn’t like it, it just didn’t seem to fit the narrative of the album. there’re some big moments in both of these. really looking forward to playing them out next year. hope you like! when it comes to my music, the story is everything. I want you to be able to close your eyes and feel it the same way I felt it when I made it. the more music I make, the more I realize how important that connection is.”

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