It takes a village—or a 50-piece orchestra—to translate an album that’s left an indelible mark on dance music to the orchestral format. How Zedd, conductor Maxim Eshkenazy, orchestrator Ben Wallace, music director Dave Rene, and the orchestra made it happen is the subject of the Clarity Orchestral Concert Documentary, edited and directed by Kevin Bressler.

The mini-documentary candidly traces the commemorative concert’s arc from mere idea to actualization, underscoring the complexity inherent to interpreting dance music for the orchestral space. Though preparations for the event, hosted at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on October 9, began three months prior, the organizational process was one of feverish rehearsing and revision, down to the very last minute. In a succinct, nearly 21-minute visual, Bressler and Team Zedd videographers capture the sometimes heart-racing yet always engaging moments leading up to the sold-out show, which duly paid homage to 10 years of Clarity and Zedd’s classical piano roots. A candid look into the creative approach underlying a rare moment in which dance went orchestral, the Clarity Orchestral Concert Documentary can be streamed below.

Featured image: Julian Bajsel

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