World-class education firm Pearson has partnered with XR Bootcamp to build and test numerous VR-based language learning app prototypes, it announced on Thursday.

XR Bootcamp, a major provider of educational services for immersive learners, aims to develop 13 prototypes and four ready for commercial availability.

Additionally, Pearson will provide real project briefs and expertise in language learning and instructional pedagogy. It will then assign students to technical mentors and project managers. This allows the student to collaborate with industry professionals to develop virtual spaces for language learning.

The two companies added they plan to extend their collaboration for future initiatives.

Rahel Demant, Chief Operating Officer for XR Bootcamp, said in a statement,

“Finding the Netflix or Pokemon Go app of VR language learning will not happen overnight. It requires a lot of trial and error combined with market and user feedback which leads to different iterations. That’s why we partner with companies looking to prototype innovative XR use cases in concise time frames. Companies appreciate the diverse background of our students, which guarantees creative ideas and getting to know talent as potential future hires.”

She continued, explaining that in just one week, students pitched “up to 15 different app prototypes.” Her partners would choose up to five prototypes from the pool to develop as “store-ready” minimum viable products (MVPs).

She concluded that “prototypers highly appreciate the chance to work with real industry partners and get senior-level expert feedback.”

VR Language Learning Mechanics

The news comes as the Berlin-based organisation trained students over the last two months to learn critical use cases.

In classes, students have also learned to design the most productive experiences via entertaining gameplay and multiplayer connectivity.

Giovanni Giovannelli, Pearson’s President of English Language Learning, added,

“Combining fun VR mechanics with effective learning experience design requires numerous iterations and lots of feedback from cross-functional experts. It’s been great seeing XR Bootcamp prototypers and trainers work closely with our experienced mentors to coach students and make prototypes a success.”

He concluded that Pearson would leverage such use cases to develop and research future solutions for “improving the experience of learning a foreign language.”

Latest XR Bootcamp Updates

The latest VR language learning developments come after XR Bootcamp joined UPWorlds Founder Sonya Seddarasan for a round table at the XR Summit 2022. Demant, Seddarasan, XR Bootcamp Co-Founder Ferhan Ozkan discussed the challenges coders face in the current upskilling crisis.

Seddarassan explained that the future of work needed to focus on quantity as well as quality for their workforces. She added there was a significant gap between self-taught coders and skilled learners trained in workshops. This created a disparity in fully-qualified professionals for specific jobs.

XR Bootcamp also partnered with the XR community’s CyberXR Coalition for a Beyond Inclusion scholarship programme. In July, the initiative aimed to fund and promote metaverse-building engineers and workforces.

Pearson has also joined the XR Association (XRA) along with a new group of industry leaders to develop the global industry’s tech ecosystem. Companies such as Taqtile, Immersive Worlds LLC, Strivr, Schell Games, and others have entered the organisation to transform the XR sector.

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