What Spotify's "Enhance" Feature Does

In late 2021, Spotify rolled out a fancy playlisting feature called “Enhance,” which seeks to offload some of the immense pressure playlisters can often feel when trying to discover fresh and new music for their playlist. 

Leveraging their powerful music-discovery algorithms, the Enhance feature helps premium users keep their playlists stocked with fresh and undiscovered music without spending hours each week scouring the platform for new releases to promote on their playlists. But with so many different ways to discover fresh and undiscovered artists on Spotify, is this feature still relevant for playlists in 2023? 

Let’s find out by unpacking everything you’ve ever wondered about this powerful Spotify feature by using it to breathe new life into our Fresh Cuts playlist below. 

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What does the “Enhance” feature do on Spotify?

What does the "Enhance" feature do on Spotify?

The “Enhance” button located at the top of the playlist deck is a feature that allows you to instantly bolster up your playlist with algorithmically-generated song selections that Spotify assumes matches the vibe of the rest of the songs that you’ve already selected for the playlist. 

We will be diving a bit more into details of exactly how to use this feature here shortly, but for the time being what’s important to know is that when you tap that button, 1/3 of the playlist (every third song that is) is instantly populated with a handful of fresh and new music that Spotify thinks are relevant to the playlist. Telling which ones they added is easy to see, as a new column is introduced that tells you whether you are the one who added the song to the playlist or if Spotify did. 

But the work isn’t done yet, as the songs still haven’t technically been added just yet…

From here, you have to give the songs a final pass through by telling Spotify whether or not to officially add them to the playlist. If you dig one of the songs that Spotify added and think it would make a good addition to the playlist overall, tap the “+” button to add it to the playlist for good. Oppositely, clicking the “-” will remove the selection from the playlist. 

When you are ready to make all the recommendations live, click the “Enhance” feature at the top again and everything will be locked in and live. 

How To Use The “Enhance” Feature On Your Spotify Playlist

Let’s break down how to use this feature into a handful of easy-to-follow steps so that you can start getting the most out of this feature and pumping up your playlist ASAP. 

Step 1: Open The App

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First and foremost, you will need to bust open the Spotify app on your computer, phone, or tablet and load up the playlist you are looking to stock with more music. 

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years and don’t know where the playlist tab is on your personal profile, playlists are accessed through the “Library” tab on the left side of the desktop app. 

Step 2: Click The “Enhance” Button

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The ‘Enhance’ button is situated directly at the top of your playlist, and all you have to do is press on the button to have Spotify start populating your playlist with fresh recommendations. 

Step 3: Filter Through The Recommendations 

when did spotify's enhance feature come out

Spotify will do its best to place as many recommendations as possible that match the vibe and sound of the songs you personally added. But it’s a computer and you’re a passionate curator and naturally not all of Spotify’s recommendations will match what you would select. 

Use this opportunity to remove any unwanted songs that you wouldn’t have chosen yourself, leaving only the best of the best in for the playlist to make live in the next step. 

Step 4: Keep The Good Ones 

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One you click the “+” button, the Spotify logo will disappear and it will be as if you were the one who found that hidden gem of a track all along. None will be the wiser, and all your friends and family will assume that your magic touch as a curator is what found these undiscovered gems of songs as your playlist becomes packed with amazing music that matches your sonic aesthetic. 

Step 5: Make It Live! 

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The final step is to tap that “Enhance” button one more time at the top of the playlist and Spotify with update the entire playlist and make it live for all your adoring fans to see all the hard work you’ve done curating this fresh batch of tunes. 

It’s that easy! Now you’re done

Is “Enhance” available for all Spotify users?

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The “Enhance” feature is only available to premium users, and free users of the platform do not have access to the playlist enhancer. While this might come as a bit of a bummer, it’s certainly one of the premium features that paid users have access to that warrants hiding behind Spotify’s paywall. 

Should You Use The “Enhance” Feature? 

This can be a tricky question, since I know that a lot of curators consider their job a sacred art form and respect the hand-selecting process to be a true work of art. If you are one such passionate curator, then shying away from this feature.

But if you are a casual music lover trying to keep a playlist up to date and active, this is an invaluable feature that can often remove hours of work crate digging for new music on Spotify.  

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