The ongoing global tech skills challenge poses a significant obstacle to the continued development of new technologies, extended reality (XR) innovation, and sufficient human resources for targeted plans for both startups and global tech giants.

Sonya Seddarasan, Founder of UPWorlds joined Ferhan Ozkan and Rahel Demant, Co-Founders of XR Bootcamp, for a round table discussion on the benefits of XR bootcamps in tackling the ongoing skills crisis.

Speaking on the value of XR bootcamps, Sonya Seddarasan explained that training new learners was not just about “the quantity, but also the quality of the talent we work with.”

  • Sonya Seddarassan, Rahel Demant, and Ferhan Ozkan will speak at the inaugural XR Summit on 22 September to discuss the role of XR bootcamps and training workshops in upskilling future workforces

She continued, stating that despite the benefits of self-learning coding, there was a major gap between fully self-taught coders and those training with workshops, namely due to the depth of technical knowledge.

She said,

“I realised myself that sometimes that self-learning is a good place to start, but then eventually we want to become like really good at some things [and] you want to think of a next step forward through boot camps or something [similar as] I have a personal experience with this concern”

Citing company polling, the UPWorlds founder added that those gaining formal experience were more attractive to clients and potentially higher commission inquiries.

Such training allowed content creators and world-builders to boost the creative economy across platforms, she concluded.

XR Bootcamp’s Ferhand Ozkan added that self-teaching could potentially lead to blockages in training and upskilling as the industry evolved and that joining bootcamps allowed learners to upskill with proper guidance as well as trial and error.

He said,

“Without failing or iterating, there is no way that you can reach a level that you will call yourself employable. That’s very important for us, that we want people to fail fast, but upskill faster in a safe environment”

Despite setbacks in the learning process, developers could still apply for prototyping but would require a strong portfolio of creative projects.

“It is very hard for from a recruiter perspective to understand what skills you are good at or what kind of knowledge that you can implement [without a portfolio],” he concluded.

The three executives are set to speak at the XR Summit taking place from 20 to 22 September, which will see panel talks with major organisations, startups, and experts from across the global tech industry. Kindly tune in for the first-ever event by registering and linking up on social media.

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