Three tracks of upfront and urgent techno. Automatic is Smartbar resident Jeff Derringer‘s first recorded output in four years, a time which coincided with an economic conflagration, pandemic outbreak and the general meltdown of just about everything that once seem solid and certain. How has your vacation been?!

The three track techno EP is phenomenally kinetic, pulsating with quaking drums and an industrial score. The title track is snaky where it needs to be, with a serpentine groove and a production so tight it could be drafted on graph paper. “Enigmatic” features a dark and mental 303 storm that has to be heard and experienced to be understood.

Automatic was released in July; it’s available from Bandcamp.

Jeff Derringer: Automatic (Oktave Recordings / Digital)
1. Jeff Derringer: Automatic (05:54)
2. Jeff Derringer: Systemic (05:58)
3. Jeff Derringer: Enigmatic (05:30)

⚪Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.

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