Techno was created and developed far away from the mainstream. The underground sound got its deserved popularity in the past few years but there is a lot of movement in sound with sub-genres and a lot of talent you may not hear about.

We believe underground producers and labels deserve special recognition, so we will be dedicating our new feature series to this cause.

This week we will have a look into a solid name from the underground scene and Taapian label boss, Shlømo.

Shlømo is a French producer and performer who has gained notoriety for his extremely varied musical output – ranging from straightforward techno bangers to ambient and IDM. He’s resident of the well known parties POSSESSION and key Tbilisi club KHIDI.First appearing in 2013 on his own label Taapion where over the span of 7 years he released many projects, and appeared on numerous EP’s and compilations.

After releasing on established labels as Delsin or Arts, and performing on key venues as Berghain, Awakenings or Concrete, Shaun Baron-Carvais decided to launch a new label SAIKE and new project with Hadone called Viper diva.

More than a regular collaboration, the French duo featuring Shlømo & Hadone is a fuse between 2 generations of producers bound to deliver a timeless and unique output, unleashing their mind-crushing energies at the service of the Dancefloor. It all comes down to 3 simple words to define their style : thrusty, anthemic, techno.

As a performer Shlømo is just as multifaceted. His dynamic live and sets embody his unique take on techno integrating rave, powerful beats, breaks and IDM.

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