One eclectic project begets another on Ophelia Records, to which Trivecta brings a diverse assembly of alternative The Way Back Up takes. With his debut LP, released on May 13, Trivecta provided an unpredictable listening experience that kinetically wound through melodic bass, progressive house, psytrance, “folk bass,” and dark techno. This genre traversing translates to The Way Back Up‘s accompanying 10-track remix pack, a diverse package of melodic drum ‘n’ bass, experimental bass, trap, and Ophelia’s quintessential melodic dubstep. Across the collection, creatives familiar to Seven Lions’ label, like Xavi, STAR SEED, and KEPIK, provide lights-out performances of their re-imaginative capacities. Meanwhile, bass heavyweights including TYNAN, Ravenscoon, and SubDocta, among others, balance the collection’s melodic leanings with grounding low-end. They represent a different, wonkier style of bass than might be expected on The Way Back Up (Remixes), and therein lies one of Ophelia’s key strengths: seamless intersection of the sonically familiar and the unanticipated.

Read Dancing Astronaut‘s interview with Trivecta on The Way Back Up here, view a complete list of Trivecta’s upcoming tour dates here, and stream The Way Back Up (Remixes) below.

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