Fred Again winning multiple awards is definitely something we were expecting this year, especially seeing the artist’s amazing ascend and talent. However, no one was expecting a fan to receive the award for him, and not just any fan.

If you followed Fred Again this year, you are probably familiar with his already-iconic Bolier Room set. The video is already in the top 10 most-watched sets, only 4 months after its release. The closest video to the same number of views is from 8 years ago. Watch it below.

Besides the amazing talent, great energy, and magical vibe from the set, many remember the ‘Yellow shirt’ guy. The excited fan caught everyone’s attention when he accidentally pressed Pause on Fred’s decks, stopping the music 23 minutes through in the set. However, Fred’s reaction was wholesome when he greeted the man and dropped the music again. Fast forward a few months later, the small incident is now the most reviewed moment of the video. And most importantly, Fred Again invited the fan to receive his Best Live Act award by DJMag.

Those 70-odd minutes are all the evidence you need to be convinced that Fred again.. is the live act of the moment. When DJ Mag asked those ranked in the annual Top 100 DJs poll about the best set they had seen in the previous 12 months, that Boiler Room was the most popular answer.

DJ Mag

If you haven’t already, you can watch the full video and Boiler Room set by Fred Again just below.

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