As the XR (Extended Reality) landscape continues to evolve and expand at an incredible rate, innovators are discovering new ways to provide access to immersive content. While most people are already familiar with augmented and virtual reality, the mixed reality (MR) landscape has lagged in recent years. Fortunately, a change is on the horizon.

Not only are market-leading giants like Microsoft doubling down on their MR innovations, but new competitors are also beginning to enter the landscape. ThirdEye, a company known for its transformative smart glasses and headsets, has introduced its own set of mixed reality and augmented reality glasses. The X2 MR glasses are set to be some of the most impressive available today.

With ThirdEye, companies can finally begin to tap into the benefits of mixed reality for themselves. There’s even a Developer kit available, for those looking to build their solutions. Let’s take a closer like at the ThirdEye X2 MR glasses.

ThirdEye X2 Smart Glasses Review: Features and Specs

The ThirdEye X2 Smart Glasses are a set of mixed-reality glasses, designed to bring virtual content into the physical world. This powerful, yet lightweight headset offers phenomenal comfort to users, weighing only 11 ounces. It comes with a phenomenal wide field of view, to ensure a more realistic, natural experience. Plus, it includes state-of-the-art sensors and tracking.

The X2 Mixed Reality headset also includes access to the VisionEye SLAM SDK, which provides fantastic Inside-Out 6 degrees of freedom tracking, as well as environmental plane detection. Unlike many XR headsets, the system can also be used both indoors and outdoors.

Features and tech specs include:

  • 42 degrees diagonal field of view
  • 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage
  • 1280×720 HD screen resolution
  • Thermal sensor, and ambient light sensor
  • 13MP 4-axis optical image stabilization camera
  • Android 9 operating system
  • 500 nits of brightness
  • ANSI Z87.1 certification
  • PPE Compatibility
  • Temperature and sweatproof
  • Waveguide display technology
  • Snapdragon XR1 processor
  • Voice activation

For innovators in the XR space, ThirdEye also offers a full developer kit, which includes a set of X2 MR glasses, as well as a VisionEye SLAM module. The kit also offers access to free support for software developers, to help creators test and design 3D applications to suit their specific needs.

ThirdEye X2 Smart Glasses Review: Benefits

The ThirdEye X2 MR Smart Glasses currently stand as some of the most lightweight options for smart glasses on the market. Suitable for extensive wear in all conditions, these durable headsets can withstand almost any environment. They’re certified for use in engineering and construction environments and have undergone extensive drop-testing for peace of mind. The systems are also sweat and temperature-proof, which makes them ideal for complex environments and situations.

As a bonus, because the X2 smart glasses run on the Android operating system, it’s simple for users to develop and port apps onto their headsets. There are no closed operating systems to worry about, and the company offers free on-site technical support to assist beginners. Some of the most significant benefits of the ThirdEye X2 smart glasses include:

  • Hands-free functionality: When creating the X2 headsets, ThirdEye realized that many workers would need to keep their hands free when on the job. As such, they designed their smart glasses to require no controllers. Instead, users can access the software and sort through information using nothing but their voice. This helps to boost productivity while allowing for a more streamlined user experience.
  • Versatility: The X2 smart glasses from ThirdEye are designed to be suitable for a range of different use cases. Built with the highest quality of durable materials, these solutions can adhere to the regulations and requirements of construction, healthcare, and other landscapes. They’re compatible with hard hats and caps, as well as other devices. They’ve also been tested for resistance to knocks, temperature changes, and sweat.
  • Customisation: The Android operating system included within the X2 headsets means users can quickly and easily import their applications into the headsets with no compatibility issues. ThirdEye offers its SDK solution to business leaders, as well as extensive behind-the-scenes support for those building their technology.
  • Exceptional visuals: Thanks to a wide field of view and a fantastic resolution, the ThirdEye MR headsets can deliver high-quality optics in any environment. They provide phenomenal visual comfort and can track virtual spaces and environments automatically, to make holographic representations feel more natural and organic. The technology contains state-of-the-art sensors and VisionEye SLAM software.
  • Security: ThirdEye is one of the leading XR solution providers in the current space offering companies access to exceptional privacy, compliance, and security standards. Not only are the glasses HIPAA compliant, but they’re also suitable for GDPR-focused companies too. Encryption is included for all data stored on devices. Plus, a secure AWS system is used to upload data into the cloud.

Who Needs the ThirdEye X2 Smart Glasses?

ThirdEye designed their state-of-the-art MR and AR smart glasses to suit a wide range of different use cases and needs. The company is committed to developing the next level of computing functionality for construction, healthcare, and various other industries.

The hands-free headsets are convenient and easy to use, with built-in tracking and environment plane detection. They’re suitable for use with a huge range of different apps and software solutions, thanks to the open Android environment. Plus, ThirdEye offers plenty of behind-the-scenes support to companies looking to create their own innovative MR experiences.

Part of what makes the ThirdEye X2 smart glasses so compelling is the company’s focus on consistently developing and improving the headsets. Going forward, the organization plans on adding more industry certifications, as well as dustproofing and waterproofing materials. The company even has strategies in mind to bring the headsets to a broader selection of consumers. For instance, they’re working on adding 5G connectivity in the years ahead.

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