Are you interested in studying music production in college? If yes, you’d find this article quite informative as it covers everything you should know before applying to any music production courses or programs. Continue reading to find out more!

If you want to study music production, you will likely have to wear many hats. Below are just a few of the engineering positions you might have to learn about while pursuing a career in music production at a university. 

Recording Engineer

Select the microphones to use, where and how to position them, and how to handle or process the sound before and after the recording. In addition, recording engineers oversee the recording session’s technical aspects.

This job sounds simple on the front end but is actually incredibly complex. Learning about signal flow, frequency balance, room acoustics, and more could all be their disciplines, but a mix engineer has to be the best at all. Luckily, they teach you all this consistently while learning about music production in college. Just come with an open mind. 

Mastering Engineer

All the mixed recordings’ audio is tuned to perfection so that each track sounds great. A mastering engineer ensures the album’s overall sound is consistent. But they also do so much more than that.

Once trained, a mastering engineer can impart a whole new level of emotion and impact into a record. Too often, mastering engineers are only labeled as the ones who make sure the music is loud enough for release, but there is a true artform to mastering once you get the hang of it. 

Mix Engineer

Determines how a stereo recording should be made from all the pieces recorded during a session. Several separate recording or mixing engineers may work on various tracks of the same album.

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Finding a Music Production Program

When looking for the best options, you have to take your time to look for one that caters to your specific interests and goals. You can email different schools offering musing production to learn more about their programs.

Also, you must be aware that colleges offer music production courses under different names. Some of the standard titles used by colleges include:

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Program Focus

The science of sound is the primary focus of music production programs. Still, the specific coursework you’ll take, the practical training you’ll get, and the degree you’ll obtain depend on the program’s specialization.

Some of the available programs are as follows:


These programs do not focus much on a great performance resume or an audition. However, they might require an interview and/or a portfolio of prior related work.


Less frequently offered programs may involve digital performance and provide options with a concentration on composition or cinema. They might want an interview and/or a portfolio of prior related work.


Programs put a lot of emphasis on the musical performance part. An audition is necessary.


Programs tend to focus more on science and engineering, with or without a concentration in music. Calculus, physics, and computer science may be required as general prerequisites. They might want an interview and/or a portfolio of prior related work.

Tips on how to Prepare

Get some experience in the field of music production you want to specialize in before applying to programs at the college level. Producing music for the radio is way different than making scoring music to be placed in Hollywood films. So here are some ways you can prepare for studying music production in college. 

  • Learn about music technology by enrolling in a high school, community college, or online course. This is a fantastic way to gauge your interest in exploring this area.
  • Get some home recording gear if at all possible. It makes no difference if it’s a cheap system with freeware software to practice on and record friends, associates, and workers. You can use this to know the challenges of recording music and determine whether this is the right career for you.
  • To boost your knowledge in music production, it would be great to attend summer music programs.
  • Speak to professionals in the field you want to pursue. Learn from them, and if possible, volunteer.
  • Being inquisitive and an independent learner is most important. There is an astonishing number of online materials for students interested in self-study in music technology.

Who is a Good Fit for Music Production Program in College?

A good fit for this kind of program at college is:

  • Highly interested in arts and technology
  • Self-motivated and highly creative
  • Comfortable with analytical thinking and mathematics
  • Those with realistic expectations about what it takes to succeed in a competitive industry 


Becoming an expert in music production is not as easy as it seems. 

However, you can achieve your aspirations with the right college program and interest. Most importantly, you approach the craft with an open mind, come ready to learn, and be committed to the process. Success in music can often take ten years or more even to find your first glimmer of fame and fortune. So be dedicated to the craft and ask for help when you can. 

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