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Mackie has just dropped a new mixer in the M•Caster series targeting content creators that need professional-grade audio for live streaming and podcasting. If you are looking for a powerful mixer that can roll with you and significantly up the quality of your performance and audio content, then the M•Caster Studio should be on your wishlist.

The professional features like its full-color MixViewer™ display and the built-in sampler will make a massive difference in your workflow, allowing you to create polished content easily.

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Who is the Mackie M•Caster Studio for?

We always like to start with this question because similar devices on the market offer more robust features but also come with significantly higher price tags. The M•Caster Studio features four touch pads that can trigger quick drops (think applause or similar sound effects) to spice up your audio and an onboard sampler to capture and playback sounds. If you do a lot of live streaming on Twitch or similar platforms and want crystal-clear audio with the ability to punch up your stream with sound effects, then this little box delivers a lot of value for a reasonable price.

For those focused more on podcasting, the M•Caster studio is also something to consider if you are piping guests in over calls or video conferencing platforms like Zoom. If you are doing in-person podcasts with multiple guests, then something like the RODECASTER Pro II is better but comes in at about twice the price.

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How Does The Mackie M•Caster Studio Sound?

You’ve heard it, that deep, rich, and full sound that professional streamers and podcasters achieve that gives them that “studio quality” edge. You can easily achieve this quality with the M•Caster Studio using your Mac/PC or smartphone. 

No need to mess with plugins; just plugin in and go. What we love about this mixer is the ease of use that allows you to focus on making great content, not worrying about audio engineering.

Our Favorite Features On The Mackie M•Caster Studio


Use these voice-changing effects sparingly for some comedic effect on the fly. This feature is a LOT of fun to mess with; from ridiculously high to low, you can tweak your voice to add hype or levity to your content.

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Pro Tip – While this feature is a lot of fun, it can also be annoying if you constantly use it. A little goes a long way, and practice makes perfect; it’s all about timing.


The ContourFX Presets can help you dial in the perfect radio voice, punch up the low end, tweak the high end, and find the sweet spot that makes you sound professional. Use Blend to perfection to get your perfect streaming voice.


The M•Master Studio comes with an impressive 3GB of internal storage and some basic preloaded sounds like that oh-so-aggravating horn sound. So you can load your samples, record samples on the fly, or use the preloaded sounds to bring flavor to your broadcast. The four backlit trigger pads are easy to assign and fun to smash.

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The XLR input allows you to plug in a professional microphone and offers phantom power. You can also connect smartphones, headsets with mics, and even your camera. For monitoring your audio, the M•Caster Studio features headphone and studio monitor outs, so you can always make sure things sound perfect for your audience.

Another fantastic feature is the built-in Bluetooth connectivity that can send and receive audio wirelessly. This functionality allows you to route in a caller from your cell phone or play music along with the USB connection. This connectivity is clutch for podcasters or content creators who need additional sound input.

Summary: If you are a content creator/streamer looking for a simple solution to up your audio quality, refine your sound and make your audio content more professional, the M•Caster Studio is a good investment. The build quality is sturdy, easy to take with you, and looks great on camera with its array of LED lighting effects. Priced at $349, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

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  • Very easy to use
  • Great price
  • Great effects to dial in your sound and make your content more fun


  • Limited number of inputs is not great for podcasters that are doing multiple guests 

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