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Something about the iconic sounds of swinging open hi-hats, vocal chants, and more makes house music as timeless as it is. It’s what fans of the genre expect and love. 

Dario Nunez and Javi Colina’s latest release, ‘Panama,’ delivers all of these elements in spades and is a crystal clear representation of where house music is at in 2022. 

The song takes its energetic percussions, repetitious vocal loops, discordant synth loops, and other genre staples and injects a fresh new vibe into the release. The cheeky vocal loop acts as the rhythmic foundation to grab your attention, and the rest of the beat, groove, and synths add to the energy underneath. 

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A favorite label here at Magnetic, Brook Gee Records’ taste and quality control is second to none. This release continues its phenomenal releases to close out the summer months.

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