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2022 is nearly over … another strange year … but there were a lot of nice releases this year.

Please keep supporting your favourite artist, favourite label etc etc by buying, streaming, listening, playing their tracks on your favourite platform (*SMILE*) ….

Here is a selection of tracks & releases we enjoyed this year (for sure it is just a small selection there are many more).


NZM 99 – “Disaster (Gewalt Remix)”
[from NBR021]

Planetary Assault Systems – “Eden Tide (Barker Remix)”
[from TOKEN108]

Answer Code Request – “Sustaining Life”
[from 149DSR]

XTR Human feat. Luca Gillian – “Leben Ohne Licht”
[from RDN002]

Oliver feat. Die Selektion – “Das Lebenleere Leben”
[from OR104]

Blaxad – “I Miss Your Telegrams”
[from BLAXAD007EP]

Sid Le Rock – “Eerie Loon”
[from BEACH081]

Linn Elisabet – “Dysphoria Carry Me Home (Amotik Remix)”

Terence Fixmer – “When It Comes To Your Mind”
[from PLR2201]

Local Suicide feat. The Hidden Cameras – “Homme Fatal”
[from IDI006]

Irakli – “Singularity Nonsense”
[from IFZ003]

Rosa Anschütz – “Suspect”
[from BPX020]

Crystal Geometry – “Two Faces In The Sky”
[from BLOCNOIR01]

Termination_800 – “Self Thinking”
[from GOTT01]

Babes Of Enola Grey – “Freiheit Sicherheit (Curses Remix)”
[from CRAVE005]

Unart8 – “Welt Ohne Seele”
[from HD017]

Dina Summer – “Mirage”
[from AL387]

Paul Van Dyk feat. Christian Burns – “But Not Tonight (Album Mix)”
[from VAN2481]

Sky Leon – “Fever”
[from DURCHDIGI009]

Daniel Avery – “Spider”
[from PHLP19]

JANEIN feat. Olga Phage – “Good Flight”
[from FIEDELTWO004.5]

Mad Maex – “Sick”
[from NEW00010]

MSKD – “Entropy And Versatile”
[from NOVAF004V]

Black Mirror Park – “Swing 56”
[from K026d]

Nicolas Bougaïeff – “Inner Pattern”
[from STUMM473]

Radome – “The Ballad Of Fallen Angels”
[from HD020]

HLLW – “Seagul Calling”
[from DORIAN018]

Sina XX & Lacchesi – “Goth It”
[from BODYTOBODY002]

Martin Menge – “Fäule”
[from WIR002]

MAN2.0 – “Brain On Drugs”
[from ND005]

Kaiser & Matrixxman – “Nanofactory”
[from KSR009]

Frank Heise – “Dripping Sphere”
[from SPTVA03​.​1]


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