uff… also 2022 is nearly over…. another strange year … Clubs reopened but Covid is still around.

We had 19 mixes & live sets in total this year – in our series regular series and “ABC plays XYZ” series, only one new instalment for our “Visual Mix Series”, an amazing live set for our series “Music & Interview” but unfortunately nothing for “Club Portraits”. Clubs are open again so we will try to continue our portrait series.

Big thanks to all contributors!

All DJs in order of “appearance” (if not mentioned it was for the regular series): Reka Zalan, Chemtrailz (our Visual Mix 011), Gudrun Gut, Rain (in “ABC” with tracks by Exium), DRIADA, Unhealed, Evil Dust, Non Reversible, Dark Manoeuvres (in “ABC” with tracks by Coslow), Linn Elisabet, Nauthiz (in “ABC” with tracks on Monnom Black), Force Mass Motion, Mad Maex, Vermeer (in “ABC” with tracks on selected), Projekt Gestalten (in “Music & Interview” with special live set), Blaxad, Stracid (in “ABC” with tracks on NewKids Records), Krl Mx and Desolate Discotheque




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