Today, Miroma Group’s digital development sub-division, Miroma Project Factory (MPF), officially partnered with the augmented reality (AR) social media firm Snap Inc. The move provides Snapchat with its first official Australian Creative Partner, expanding the AR platforms development presence in the APAC region.

MPP is joining Snap’s Lens Studio ecosystem as an official creative partner allowing the Australian firm to work directly with Snapchat to build engaging AR social content. The partnership also enables MPF to provide its creative and technical experience for internal Snap brands distributing AR campaigns on the social media service.

The Snapchat Creative Lens Partner group is a program that enables Snap to leverage expertise and resources from an exclusive international lineup of APAC immersive tech thought leaders and experts. The program helps Snap distribute high-quality branded immersive content on Snapchat and its AR hardware ambitions.

Amber Clarke, the Marketing & Client Success Manager at MPF, explained what the firm could bring to the Snap developer ecosystem:

We are excited to become a Snapchat Lens Creative Partner and look forward to using our creativity, innovation and expertise to enhance experience and build great value for our clients. We are especially thrilled to use some of Snapchat’s newer technologies like Spectacles.

Moreover, Clarke noted that MPF brings an extensive experience in AR campaign development to the table. MPF leverages visualisations, immersive filters, and micro-games to distribute user-friendly AR content. The Manager also noted the MPF is “looking forward to bringing our clients’ products to life.”

MPF has experience building gamified interactive products and experiences for the entertainment, broadcast, and healthcare sectors. The firm has deep knowledge of engagement and behavioural change within an interactive experience, providing its partners with valuable information regarding user attention.

Is Snap a Good Investment for Brands?

In May, social media stocks dropped across the board. The overall share declines included significant industry players like Meta, Google, and Snap Inc. Following the marketplace decline, many analysts questioned the future of current leaders and the general focus on immersive extended reality (XR) products.

For example, Meta is dropping some of its XR products following an internal reshuffle. Despite its refocus, the firm released the awaited Meta Quest Pro in October. Some still criticised the high price points, while others praised the hardware’s mixed reality (MR) capabilities and display technology.

On the other hand, AR platforms seem to retain support amidst a somewhat unstable marketplace. AR remains an accessible avenue for brands, developers, and users to access immersive content.

International audiences experience AR content via social media content like simple branded filters and interactive experiences. Equally, many major high-street retailers are employing AR applications to reengage with customers and redefine the buyer’s journey. Brands also use in-store and digital immersive solutions to enhance re-life purchases with immersive content.

In a conversation with XR Today in October, the Founder of European Snapchat Studios partner GoSpooky, Tim Van Der Wiel, explained that Snapchat remains a viable marketing platform. Despite Snapchat laying off 20 percent of its 6,400 employee workforce in August following a disappointing Q2 earnings report.

The Founder said that Snapchat is a “huge” opportunity for marketers within the AR space. He believes that Snap owns the best AR technology, which the firm scales across the most active users.

Tim Van Der Wiel says roughly 250 million people use AR experiences on Snapchat daily. He also mentioned that the service’s active user base is more extensive than “every other platform out there, and this space is wide open for marketers.”

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