Snap Inc has begun expanding its growing portfolio of augmented reality (AR) solutions for clients, reports found on Tuesday.

A Fashion Network report detailed ongoing developments with the AR firm, which currently holds roughly 363 million daily users globally. It also has a massive team of over 300,000 content developers who have created up to 3 million Snapchat filters.

Last year, the Santa Monica-based enterprise opened an AR studio in Paris. This led to a cultural initiative with the Centre Pompidou, allowing museumgoers to connect with immersive campaigns.

The exhibit overlayed AR content and recorded sounds from Swiss-American Visual Artist Christian Marclay across Paris’ iconic museum.

The report cited a Médiametry survey from the spring last year, which found 94 percent of French people aged 15 to 24 were Snapchat users.

JD Sports also adopted a Snap-based Christmas AR campaign for shoppers at its flagship store on Oxford Street, London. Visitors could scan the company’s storefront to play AR video games.

Geoffrey Perez, Snap’s Global Head of Luxury, said that AR “makes it possible to raise the online shopping experience to a new level.”

The executive continued,

“There’s a big difference between looking at a product on a website and being able to see it on yourself. Technology helps refocus the [shopping] experience on the user. According to studies we have carried out, in 80% of cases AR improves conversion rates, and 66% of e-tailers claim they’ve had fewer returns. When we consider that returns represent a loss of $550 billion worldwide for retailers and have a huge environmental cost, this becomes a very important factor”

Snap Arcadia AR Campaign Studio

Snap launched its Arcadia studio in October 2021 to build and expand AR experiences for advertisers, retailers, and other clients.

An exec from the tech unicorn added the studio would develop AR experiences across social media apps to “push the boundaries of what’s possible in AR.”

It will also provide insights, workshops, and trend reporting for clients such as Verizon, Shake Shack, P&G Beauty, and many others.

Additional augmented reality solutions include the following:

Miroma Group Partnership

The news comes amid a trove of developments for the AR firm, namely after it partnered with the Miroma Group. The United States and Australian firms will leverage Snap’s Lens Studio ecosystem to build interactive social media content.

The partnership with the latter’s Miroma Project Factory (MPF) has greatly expanded Snap’s presence in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

Walt Disney Company AR Filters

In the US, the Walt Disney Company also integrated Snap’s AR platform on its Disneyland smartphone app at its Florida location. The new tool allows theme park visitors to experiment with AR filters, with Disney Genie+ purchasers creating bespoke AR stories for social media.

Users can also provide passes to bypass attraction queues and join restaurants in the park with the feature. People can also use Snap’s immersive tools to locate their vehicles at car parks.

UK Government AR Campaign

In government, the British Department for Education (DfE) opened an AR Careers Fair to educate learners on education and training options.

Partnering with Snap, the first-ever campaign for England explored apprenticeships, technical qualifications, and other paths to working in AR until 31 March last year.

The UK Government’s Department for Education (DfE) launched on Tuesday its first augmented reality (AR) Careers Fair, which aims to educate young learners on their education and training options.

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