Tresor: just saying the word is enough to give some of us brain tingles and a shiver up our spine. ASMR effects aside, the label has continued to discover, amplify and release music from artists around the world that fit that particularly Tresor-ian aesthetic, from Detroit to Berlin to Southern Europe.

Fireground hail from Naples and the duo make techno that sings so sweetly you’d think you first heard this muffled through the stall door of a club back when bucket hats and JNCOs could still be found in the wild. Dreams is a thoroughly invigorating six track release with samples sawed off and sanded down to fit, and drums that slam like a motherfucker. “Dreams” and “Be Wild” make for a hell of an opening pair — the first built around a clipped organ loop, the second around a vocal with a repetition that induces sudden satori. The interesting thing is that almost every single one of these tracks could be subbed into a deep house set with some fuckery on the pitch control, not because they work at varying BPM but because all the elements of soul are here. “Baia” for instance draws out an Afro Latin sound all too rarely heard on a techno record, manipulated with that iciness Jeff Mills had back in the day. Make no mistake, though: at the heart of this record are the drums, a flurry of kicks, snares and galloping rhythms that are mesmerizing.

Fireground: Dreams EP (Tresor / Digital)
1. Fireground: Dreams (05:25)
2. Fireground: Be Wild (05:36)
3. Fireground: Baia (05:40)
4. Fireground: United (06:14)
5. Fireground: Scirocco (05:29)
6. Fireground: Dense Blue (04:47)

⚪Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.

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