Metaverse gaming platform firm Roblox has reportedly launched plans to debut the platform on Meta Quest virtual and mixed reality (VR/MR) devices later in 2023.

The Verge reported in its Command Line newsletter that it could launch on Quest devices such as the Quest 2, Quest Pro, and the upcoming Quest 3.

The news comes after Dave Baszucki, Roblox’s Chief Executive and Co-Founder, said in a 2021 investors call the potential collaboration “[made] perfect sense for Roblox.”

Virtual reality (VR) headsets running Roblox must tether to gaming laptops to join the platform and enter the Quest Store. The deal could see the platform become a title for purchase in the Meta Quest Store app with subsequent updates.

Despite its popularity as a gaming platform, Roblox has seen deepening ties to the industrial metaverse. The San Mateo-based firm has inked several strategic deals with retailers and tech firms.

Rivalry on the Virtual Courts

Sportswear giant NIKE announced in November 2021 it had teamed up with Roblox for the former’s NIKELAND metaverse platform. The partnership hosts a platform for NIKE customers to view new products, enter competitions, and showcase updates from the company.

The free experience will leverage the metaverse gaming platform’s immersive technologies to boost brand knowledge for customers. Gamers can use their avatars for “competition and creativity” with users interacting via smartphones, headsets, and other devices.

NIKE also uses its NIKELAND platform to boost healthy habits for children by encouraging them to exercise in any environment. The firm hopes to showcase its latest products while boosting physical activity, creating a community of brand enthusiasts.

In November, the Beaverton-based company also debuted a new Swoosh Web3 community platform for hosting digital content and product updates.

Roblox faces its own rivalry with Under Armour, Timberland, and Adidas. The former two signed up with Insomnia Labs and Fortnite, respectively, with Adidas partnering with The Sandbox.

The three sportswear giants have boosted their brand awareness with competitive gameplay activities, brand developments and non-fungible token (NFT) markets, among many others.

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