Last week, during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023, RealWear debuted its Navigator 520 augmented reality (AR)/assistive reality headset for frontline workers.

The Navigator 520 product builds upon previous versions with improved features like a new ‘HyperDisplay’, higher FOV, and advanced considerations to a user’s eye shape or placement.

In addition to its new features, the Navigator 520 contains a 48-megapixel camera system, a hot-swappable battery, and Bluetooth integration. The device also builds on the firm’s 2022 innovations, such as thermal imaging and Zoom integration.

RealWear went live last week to discuss the Navigator 520 product. Company representatives Aaron Choen, the Senior Director of Global Marketing RealWear Inc, and Greg Bartholomew, the Product Marketing Director, explained the new features of the latest Navigator iteration.

Prospective buyers can purchase the RealWear Navigator 520 product via official resellers for $2700, with a 1-year warranty.

Tools for frontline workers

RealWear is designing its industry 4.0 frontline immersive solution to assist enterprise end-clients in overcoming hurdles during onboarding, training, and hiring processes.

Moreover, the firm’s immersive product portfolio also assists frontline professionals with opportunities to enhance their workflow and reduce downtimes thanks to Navigator’s range of tools.

Greg Bartholomew added:

So big picture globally. There’s over 1.2 billion frontline professionals and they’re facing real challenges. The global environment continues a period of rapid transformation and disruption which has impacted operations.

Bartholomew also explained how many frontline professionals are “still using paper binders and outdated systems.”

Because of outdated frontline systems, Bartholomew said that companies are lacking real-world knowledge, “and there are higher expectations for those [frontline] workers.”

The Product Marketing Director continued, adding:

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, even if every unemployed person with experience in the manufacturing industry were employed, the industry would only fill half of the vacant jobs, and you’re seeing this trend impacting every industrial business. On top of that, safety and security continue to be a focus. Thankfully, RealWear has a solution and we’re really hoping to close the gap.

On HyperDisplay

One of RealWear’s core selling points of the Navigator 520 is its HyperDisplay component. The new feature allows frontline workers to access immersive resources at a far higher quality.

The Navigator 520’s HyperDisplay shows AR visualizations at a 720p HD resolution, much higher than the previous version’s standard definition display.

Bartholomew explained that the upgraded device gives RealWear customers what they need to “retain talent transfer knowledge and increase overall operational efficiency while maintaining a safer, more engaged frontline [environment].”

Another key feature of the RealWear Navigator product portfolio is the device’s voice control features that enable frontline workers to multitask while maintaining control over their AR headset. Batholomew added that voice control is truly transformational in the sector.

Global Communication and Collaboration

Extended reality (XR) solutions enable immersive remote communication, collaboration, and training, allowing frontline workers to communicate seamlessly with international team members.

The remote ability of XR helps clients save time and money when consulting off-site experts, as they no longer need to travel on-site to assist with an operation. Instead, an off-site manager can get close to a problem in real time via the headset’s video streaming capabilities. The RealWear Navigator 520 device allows a frontline team to communicate or send resources to help with on-site operations.

Bartholomew also added:

Along with that, [the Navigator 520] supports 23 languages and dialects, so it it’s truly a global device. You can take one device and move it around the world and still be able to get great performance. It’s easy to change languages on the device, and again, voice technology, so it’s fantastic.

Moreover, the Navigator 520 device is modular, meaning an operator can adapt the frame and features of the device to suit an individual’s use case.

During the Seeing is Believing Livestream, the RealWear hosts explained how the customizable device supports features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and an LTE module.

The integrated solutions allow workers to enhance their frontline experience via cloud-enabled resources and a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

Future-Proofed XR for the Frontline

RealWear is designing assisted reality wearables which help end clients enter a digital transformation stage.

The Navigator 520 builds on this future by providing a foundational tool that enables a workforce to engage with prosperous industry 4.0 solutions.

Batholomew added:

This [the Navigator 520] really takes assisted reality to the next level with enhanced viewability for frontline professionals with the bigger, sharper, bolder display, it’s going to make it easier to get full context of situation, and this is really us delivering on our promise to have a full hands free platform for the modern frontline professional.

Moreover, RealWear debuted its cloud solutions in August. The service allows on-site managers to track and oversee deployed immersive devices via a digital dashboard containing various integrated tools.

The service streamlines managerial access to RealWear devices. RealWear’s dashboard provides real-time data, device updates, and third-party applications. RealWear Cloud also comes with Cloud Assistance, a sister application which provides a secure avenue for scaling frontline RealWear AR device adoption.

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