North Carolina’s Rad Luck is an emerging artist who found his way into the music scene in a unique manner. The creative started off offering photo and videographer services and was ultimately influenced to make music by friends who already made music. He decided to give it a try and hasn’t regretted it since. 

Rad Luck made his debut in 2020 and released 8 singles before dropping his debut album “Fade Away” in April of 2021. A couple months after that, the MC released an 8-track project “Back From Hell.” Since, Rad Luck has been relatively quiet as he’s hard at work on a brand new album “Psycho,” set to be released next year.

‘Psycho’ is said to be centered around Mental Health, something Rad Luck has struggled with. The project looks to deeper connect the artist with his fans who’ve endured similar battles.

Rad Luck did not go 2022 without a release though. Earlier this month, he dropped a single titled “Split The Fanta,” that’s already atop his most popular on Spotify. 

While we wait for what 2023 has in store for Rad Luck, you can check out his newest single below.

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