Industry heavyweight, Pioneer, is finally making its play into the beginner-DJ market by introducing the affordable and travel-friendly DDJ-FLX4 controller. The two-channel controller combines all of the best elements that Pioneer has built its name on while allowing new and aspiring artists to break into the industry. 

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Pioneer is doubling down on this controller’s beginner-friendly design, introducing smart faders and CFX, which allow artists and DJs to easily transition between two different some with a simple glide between the crossfader. 

The smart functionality continues with the controller’s two polished jog wheels that help familiarize the user with the industry-standard versions of Pioneer’s more premium models of turntables. One of my biggest gripes with entry-level controllers is that they perform and feel entirely different than any DJ equipment clubs have; Pioneer has thought ahead and made this controller easily transition to bigger setups once you’ve honed your skills enough to perform in a bigger club. 

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 Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-FLX4 extends artists the freedom to mix with their software of choice: Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox or Serato. When mixing with rekordbox for Mac/Windows, artists receive free use of the software’s Performance mode. A major update to rekordbox for iOS/Android coming in early 2023 will allow for DDJ-FLX4 use with an artist’s iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad or Android tablet.

The DDJ-FLX4 also offers artists free use of Serato DJ Lite. Additionally, Artists can upgrade their Serato capabilities with a Serato DJ Pro subscription. Both rekordbox and Serato enable artists to play music files stored on their device, as well as tracks from TIDAL, Beatport Streaming, Beatsource Streaming, and SoundCloud Go+.

So whether you’re looking for seamless integration with all popular streaming services to live stream your DJ sets utilizing millions of tracks available on all popular streaming platforms, looking to familiarize yourself with both the rekordbox and Serato ecosystems, DJ on the go with a portable and travel-friendly controller, or simply want to see if DJing is right for you without breaking the bank, Pioneer is finally entering the beginner market with the most substantial offer to date. 

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