This week at the Laval Virtual conference taking place in Espace Mayenne, France, between April 12 to 14, Pico announced the G3 VR headset. The firm purpose-built the new device for enterprise end-users.

Oliver Wöhler, the Enterprise Lead for EMEA at Pico, noted that the G3 VR headset highlights the firm’s vision to provide enterprise end-users with immersive tools for growing a business, creating new opportunities, and achieving workplace goals.

The Bytedance-owned firm lists the G3 VR headset for pre-order, costing £399. The firm will ship the product in early May.

Pico G3 VR Headset Specs and Details

Pico included high-quality specifications for its VR headset to enhance enterprise optimisation with immersive innovations.

The firm’s G3 VR headset features include the following:

  • 4K resolution
  • 3DoF
  • 72Hz/90Hz adjustable frame rate
  • Snapdragon XR2 processor
  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 battery
  • 6GB of RAM
  • 128GB of storage
  • Hygenic and replacement face modules
  • Prescription glasses-friendly design
  • ARM Trustzone technology to ensure user security

The device offers improved specifications compared to the previous model, although Pico 4 Enterprise Edition dwarfs the features and form factor of the G3 device.

Integrated Solutions for Enterprise

Pico is shipping its G3 device to operate on its enterprise SDK. The immersive OS provides enterprise end-users a user-friendly experience that suits enterprise workflows.

Pico advertises that its enterprise SDK includes applications such as Bussiness Suite, Pico browser, and streaming assistant.

The device’s Business Suite also includes access to services such as Sync, Streaming, Kiosk Mode, and customised themes.

Moreover, the SDK developer portal provides designers with tools, resources, and technical support to create custom VR applications for use cases like training, events, and branded experiences.

The G3 headset also comes packed with an enterprise-grade application storefront.

In the Pico Business Store, G3 operators can access applications suitable for vertical markets, including tools for collaboration, education, and healthcare settings.

Is the Pico Metaverse Coming?

Late last year, the firm announced Project Pico Worlds, a Metaverse platform and direct competitor to Meta’s Horizon.

Currently, Pico Worlds is available for Pico 4 headset owners. On the service, users could create a vast range of RT3D content, from houses to small cities or cars to rockets, for distribution across the Metaverse platform.

Moreover, Pico is integrating social media technology from its parent firm Bytedance taking its immersive social aspect further using an immersive version of TikTok, allowing Pico users to share a Metaverse session and upload a VR reel via the social platform.

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