Sable Valley‘s year-opening release is attaching a familiar face: Pauline Herr. “Violet” has remained a staple in her sets and it’s finally receiving a proper release on RL Grime‘s imprint. The former Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch described it as a “part 2” of a new era, marking a second standalone round on the label—after “Let You Go” in November of 2022—and perhaps signifying there’s something more to come.

“Violet” decidedly moves in a more understated direction than a majority of the catalog found on one of trap’s preeminent labels. But that isn’t a bad thing. The smooth bass cut feels simultaneously euphoric and calming, a combination that’s not so easy to carry out, but Herr does so with an expertise level. The solo production from Herr is a perfect reflection of her unbounded talent as an artist as she continues to avoid being pigeonholed by any particular lane, while managing to carve out a sound that’s entirely unique to her.

Herr’s first release round is a follow-up up to her Sable Valley standalone debut as well as her Distance EP that she put out on bitbird alongside TWERL. She’s been popping up on lineups and show billings with increasing regularity and is fresh off a date at Insomniac‘s Countdown NYE festival. Listen to her latest Sable Valley cut “Violet” below.

Featured image: Eric Dew

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