EDC Orlando has officially come & gone. Having said that, it’s evident that the three-day event was nothing short of a blast. With that being said, you can’t have all the good, without a bit of the bad. Seventy people found this out the hard way. I say this, as the Orlando Police department just announced that they recovered 70 stolen phones from would-be phone thieves.

According to a post on the Orlando Police Department Facebook page, officers arrested three people involved in a phone stealing ring. This three-person group was arrested with a backpack full of stolen phones during the three-day music festival. At the current moment, detectives are working diligently to track down the owners of the stolen phones.

If you lost your phone, at the festival, be sure to stop by EDC Orlando’s Lost & Found website, here. I’ve included a snapshot of what to expect on the above landing page. In addition to this, I’ve also included the original tweet from the OPD. Stay safe.

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