Last Tuesday, Modul University teamed up with VictoryXR to create a digital twin of its campus. The move also enables Modul Uni to provide an immersive alternative to in-person open days, significantly reducing potential student travel costs.

The project digitised the entire Modul institution as a digital twin. The collaboration marks the first time a European university has taken advantage of virtual reality (VR) technologies from VictoryXR.

The Principal of Modul Uni, Karl Wöber, added,

“The use of advanced technologies is an important part of our university’s innovative approach to teaching. By integrating modern solutions such as augmented or virtual reality, we see the potential in meaningfully supplementing and further developing conventional teaching rather than replacing it”

The collaboration will continue to enhance conventional teaching by introducing augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) classroom tools.

In a LinkedIn post, the Austrian uni explained that the partnership’s long-term key goal is to provide students with immersive learning opportunities. Furthermore, in a separate post, VictoryXR explains that the partnership aims to introduce immersive AR/VR technologies into a student’s everyday study.

More on VictoryXR

VictoryXR is a pioneer in immersive learning. The firm works with institutions like Carolina Biological and Oxford University to provide a VR-based educational content library.

The Iowa-based enterprise provides an immersive K-12 curriculum on several headsets, including HTC VIVE, Meta Quest, and Pico devices.

Additionally, VictoryXR is expanding its influence onto new Qualcomm-powered hardware. As part of the Snapdragon Spaces program, VictoryXR is debuting its immersive learning tools on smartphones and smart glasses with help from Qualcomm experts and resources.

The Snapdragon Spaces program also supports an expansive range of firms working with Qualcomm’s XR software development kit, including NFT platform Krikey, immersive wellness service TRIPP, and video game developers Square Enix.

Late last year, VictoryXR teamed up with Meta to launch 10 Metaverse campuses in the United States. The plan deploys immersive educational institutions across the region leading into 2022.

As part of the Meta and VictoryXR partnership, students can also use the Quest VR headset to participate in remote learning situations within an interactive campus.

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