Black Mirror Park


Black Mirror Park is DJ and producer located in Berlin, Germany. He’s been a founding member of Sonntagsinstitut Collective, a crew that works on the intersection of club culture, electronic music and politics and has been hosting a radio show, curating a label and throwing parties for a few years already. Black Mirror Park has played DJ-sets at clubs and events like ://about.blank, Institut für Zukunft, Anomalie, Arena, Rummels Bucht, Mensch Meier and Sa Terza Metari Festival and many more. He’s released tracks and EPs on KONFLKT, Entourage Concept, trau-ma, Front Left Records, Sonntagsinstitut Records, Death Bell Records, Ōtomo Trax, Be Sure and Axaminer Records. More tracks, remixes and EPs will follow very soon.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2023”


01. Moddullar – Full Moon
02. тпсб – Laika’s Revenge
03. Reformed Society – Headspace (Bambounou Remix)
04. LUAP – Contigo
05. Pino Pe̱a РOfficer Rumba
06. Tobhias Guerrero – Elemental Force
07. Maccari – The Clue
08. Fergus Sweetland – What You Warp
09. Maloog – SX3
10. CucaRafa – Deves Achar Que Eu Nasci Ontem
11. Rill – Tripple Sec
12. PKD – What Would We Do
13. Aiken – Dominance
14. Palma – In The Loop
15. Alessandro Cocco – Refuse
16. Kameliia – At The Edge
17. Radar – Code 2
18. jxxxo – XXX02
19. Sev Dah – 1984
20. Krow – Floor It
21. MZR – Closing


Black Mirror Park’s “Reel To Reel EP” on Konflkt
Black Mirror Park’s “Golden Groove EP” on Entourage Concept
Black Mirror Park’s “The Second Coming EP” on Death Bell Records
Black Mirror Park’s “Arcade Tryout EP” on Trau-Ma
compilation “Be Sure Selected Vol. 4” w/ BMP track on Be Sure
compilation “#TheSceneAgainstWar” w/ BMP track on Entourage Concept
compilation “Sonntagsinstitut 001” w/ BMP track on Sonntagsinstitut
compilation “Front Left VA 01” w/ BMP track on Front Left Records
compilation “Ōtomo Trax Compilation II” w/ BMP track on Ōtomo
Elad Magdasi’s “Hold The Night EP” w/ BMP remix on Front Left Records


Black Mirror Park
Black Mirror Park @ Soundcloud


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