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If you’re a Minecraft player, and you’re here looking for desktop wallpapers, so I can only assume that you are, you love searching for rare resources in unknown locations. 

And no resource is rarer than a unique and hard-to-find desktop background image, just as no location is more strange and unknown than the depths of the internet. 

But searching for awesome desktop backgrounds can take ages (which could be spent building awesome things in the world of Minecraft). So we did the heavy lifting for you and found our absolute favorite images you can use for your desktop images, wallpapers, and backgrounds.  

The Best Minecraft Wallpapers

Alphacoders.com (300+ Minecraft Wallpapers)

AlphaCoders is one of the best websites for finding and sourcing amazing desktop wallpapers, Minecraft ones. 

Besides maybe a few other websites listed in this guide here, AlphaCoders offers some of the most unique and customized wallpapers on the internet. Still, their specialty offers peaceful, playful, and easy-on-the-eyes desktop wallpapers. We’ve listed out favorite five mellow and calming images below.

Here Are Some Of Our Favorites From Alphacoder, but head to their website for even more incredible options! 


Wallpapers.com (300 Minecraft Desktop Wallpapers)

As the name suggests, this site does wallpapers very well. And while they offer a wide swath of different images on your phone and computer, they certainly have a specialty (at least when it comes to Minecraft).

What Wallpapers.com does right is its minimalistic desktop wallpapers. Their best ones feature small logos or icons with calming, vibrant colors behind them. I often hate using desktop wallpapers that are too busy, as the icons on my desktop are crazy enough. And the images that this site offers are simple and practical, which I love. 

Here Are Some Of Our Favorites From Wallpapers.com, but head to their website if you’re not finding anything that catches your eye here.


WallpaperCave.com (250+ Minecraft Desktop Images)

Minecraft is a game of massive worldbuilding and expansive terrains, and you might just want your desktop to reflect that.

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Wallpapercave’s images do just that. They offer some of the best world-spanning photos that evoke a sense of awe and massive scale at first glance. If you want to capture that similar sense of mountain ranges, cityscapes, and more from a bird-e view, then these wallpapers are for you. 

Here are our favorite images for you to use, but if you don’t see anything you dig, head over to their website and discover even more options! You won’t regret it.


Minecraft Desktop Wallpaper Size

When you’re looking for the best Minecraft images to use as your desktop image, size DOES matter.

Because the last thing you want is for the compelling image you are after to become pulled, stretched, and pixilated on your desktop.

Another common issue to find an image you LOVE is that the image crops strangely and leaves your favorite portions of the image on the cutting room floor as your computer forces the images into the dimensions it wants.

Here are some general rules of thumb for standard wallpaper sizes

1920×1080 resolution is the most common choice for selecting computer wallpaper as it is found in both computer monitors and HDTV monitor sets. 

How To Make Your Own Minecraft Desktop Wallpaper

If, even after searching through all of the quality options outlined in the article above, you are still looking for that exact custom frame that catches your fancy in Minecraft, creating your own is likely the next best option.

There are a million different ways to create your custom desktop wallpapers for Minecraft or whatever the next cultural phenomenon in gaming is.

But if you’ve read this far in the article, you likely know precisely what you’re looking for and want to see it done.

So let’s leave it to the experts and let our friends at TechBlock show you how it’s done.

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