Back in August, “Angels Landing” shed itself of the title of being one of Dancing Astronaut‘s most-anticipated IDs of 2022. Exactly three months later, ISOxo—one of our Artists to Watch in 2021—and FrostTop‘s—one of our Artists to Watch in 2022—trap merger for the ages has now received its first official update. Not even a full week after it hopped off our ID tracker and into Nightmode‘s release chamber, Midnight Kids—who was a fellow Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch himself in 2019—took to Twitter to preview what was immediately identified to be his own take on “Angels Landing.” And after Nightmode teased it in its class of forthcoming fall releases, it was only a matter of time before it got the green light, with the remix officially landing just ahead of Thanksgiving.

The “Angels Landing” reimagining completes a release trilogy for Midnight Kids just before the calendar turns to 2023, following “Keep It Complicated” and an appearance on Dabin‘s Between Broken remix package. Everyone was well aware from the 40-second teaser alone that Midnight Kids’ version of a track that helped defined trap in 2022 was going to somehow hike its value even further. And while Midnight Kids’ sound routinely leans towards the emotive end of the electronic spectrum, he took the opportunity to unexpectedly tap into a heavy-hitting presence, further attesting to the fact that Kyle Girard’s solo chapter has still just scratched the surface.

Featured image: Miguel Mendoza

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