Italian-brother duo Mathame just released their latest single ‘So What’ via Astralwerks. The eerie single showcases a dark and voluminous sound found at the roots of their sonic core. This track contrasts with their most recent intimate and romantic recent release, ‘Come For You.’ The two tracks demonstrate the dark and light dichotomy of their sound. In addition, it represents the brothers’ dynamic; Amedeo’s reserved and brooding yin to Matteo’s hopeful yang. Mathame’s work also draws influence from different backgrounds. Together, they accrue as classical performers, as electronic musicians, and as heavily-touring DJs.

Eerily distorted vocals over winding synths crescendo into intense volume with ‘So What’. The brothers achieve this sound through months of technical precision with sound engineer Luca Pretolesi from Studio DMI. This type of loudness can rarely be achieved while retaining the crispness and lack of distortion that makes the group’s productions a favorite amongst DJs on the global club circuit. 

“With ‘So What’ we wanted to achieve the maximum sound pressure and sound stress on every elements of the composition, and maintain  an impactful emotion, developing our  dynamic tempo expressive signature sound in unknow territories.”

Mathame on ‘So What’

About The Brothers Mathame

Amedeo and Matteo attribute their musical prowess to the beautifully desolate atmosphere of Sicily’s Mt. Etna volcano. Since its formation, they’ve gained massive global recognition in the techno scene. With releases on Afterlife records, playing nearly 150 shows a year, they’re even remixing tracks for artists such as Zhu and Moby. Their mix series utilizing artificial intelligence created in 2021 is unique, as they continue to explore their love for technology which creates their signature “hyper-expressionism” imagery. Just check out the cover art and the music video for ‘So What’, drawing inspiration from Expressionist painters, 3D cinematic visuals, Japanese anime, and NFT landscapes. 

Listen to their latest single below and check out the official music video here.

Mathame – So What | Buy/Stream

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