This Wednesday, MasterCard launched its Priceless platform in collaboration with ROSE, which delivers an augmented reality (AR) immersive experience to its cardholders.

The move marks the second collaboration between the two firms. The pair first worked on delivering an AR immersive experience via Snapchat, which Mastercard ran in 2022.

The Mastercard Priceless platform is accessible exclusively to its cardholders via a smartphone or tablet until June 1, 2023.

iOS and Android users can access the experience, which transports them to an AR-enhanced Miami Design District from their homes.

Monica Biagiotti, Mastercard Executive VP of Consumer Marketing and Revenue, added:

This iconic destination provides enthusiasts with special access to the vibrant arts scene in Miami, as well as the multi-sensory dimensions of the Mastercard brand through our sonic music and immersive visual branding.

Mastercard’s Priceless Platform, an Immersive Art Tour

The CEO of Miami’s Design District, Entrepreneur, and Art Collector Craig Robins, will lead participants through a tour of the district. Biagiotti noted that the “ultimate insider, Craig Robins,” provides a tour that captures everything the Design District represents.

The Priceless application includes seven tour stops showcasing immersive art pieces from featured artists such as See Sol Lewitt and Virgil Abloh.

During the Priceless experience, Craig Robins, via an immersive avatar, leads the user to each interactable orb which presents an AR immersive artwork.

Users can move around an AR feature, viewing various artworks and architecture from different angles.

MasterCard Priceless Platform

An example of an AR artwork placed over a real-world location PHOTO MasterCard

In a statement, ROSE’s Associate Creative Director Nicole Riemer said that Miami is becoming a destination for art and technology. They also said:

“[The Pricless experience] really marries the two as a way for Mastercard cardholders everywhere to experience iconic and large-scale art pieces from anywhere using immersive technology.”

ROSE designed the experience; the firm is an AR/VR immersive technology firm with an extended focus on web and mobile development.

The company also worked closely with 8th Wall to produce the Priceless platform and other experiences on its portfolio. The firm continues working with 8th Wall following its Niantic purchase last year to create Metaverse experiences.

ROSE’s provided immersive experience allows MasterCard to leverage AR-based data-driven technologies to create new opportunities to connect with customers.

Biagiotti also outlined how the Priceless platform allows MasterCard to engage with customer data such as “passion – like travel – in innovative ways so they can learn or experience something new and enriching. “

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