Kalahari Oyster Cult records are “of a type,” and your friends are either going to hate them or they’re going to throw away their clothes, burn their ID and devote themselves to deciphering their meaning. These are polarizing tracks — the kind of electronic music that sounds like it was made by either psychedelic cosmonauts or the disciples of an esoteric mystery religion.

The title track of Fantastic Man’s Alltogethernow EP has that supernatural ambiguity — a sinister, gnarly bassline that stalks behind and sometimes wrestles the spotlight away from bright, ascending keys. “Bioxy” is a quirky throwback to warehouse raves and the mixtapes that fueled the overland migration to find them. “Trojan Force” is another gem on the b-side, with radiants synths and soft pads for 4am bliss moments.

Alltogethernow is allout now on 12″ vinyl from Kalahari Oyster Cult — you can get it on Bandcamp.

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Fantastic Man: Alltogethernow EP (Kalahari Oyster Cult / 12″ Vinyl / August 2022) Track Listing
1. Fantastic Man: Alltogethernow (05:31)
2. Fantastic Man: Bioxy (05:03)
3. Fantastic Man: Alpha (07:47)
4. Fantastic Man: Trojan Force (05:29)

⚪Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.

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