Last Friday Jamie XX transformed Hollywood Bowl into a high-energy dance party. The night opened with Arushi Jain and Caribou, who both uniquely complemented Jamie’s musical style.

After a short riveting set from Arushi Jain, Caribou took center stage. Dan Snaith (Caribou) and his band’s set served as a powerful moment leading up to the release of the new album Cherry, out today, Friday, October 7th. Caribou’s radiant live energy got the crowd grooving, powerfully setting the stage for the main act of the evening. As colors and geometric patterns splashed across the LED backdrop, Caribou performed fan favorites ranging from “Home” to the finale “Can’t Do Without You.” 

Next up was the main act of the night Jamie XX. While the Hollywood Bowl is best known for classical concerts and large-scale live shows, the excited audience came alive the second Jamie took center stage. Throughout his nearly two-hour DJ set, Jamie remained silent, allowing the music to speak for itself. 

As Jamie threw down a myriad of singles from his hit album In Colour such as “Hold Tight” and “SeeSaw” as well as other select material, the dance floor was transformed into a giant rave. Jamie was lit by ethereal flashing lights and visuals intercut with live footage straight from the audience. The webcam showcased some incredible dance moments taken directly from the crowd that were then rebroadcast back on the screen for everyone to see. It was later revealed to the audience that the dancers were actually a staged part of the show, but by then nearly the entire crowd was dancing full out.

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The highlight of the night was undoubtedly when Jamie brought out The XX bandmate Romy Madley Croft for “Loud Places.” Her ethereal vocals and guitar dazzled the audience as they cheered at the amazing and unexpected guest performance.

Closing out the night with fan favorites “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)” and “Gosh,” Jamie’s audience was left in a daze, transfixed on the positivity and global unity of dance music. It will be exciting to see what’s up next for Jamie XX. While the now solo artist has yet to release a full album since 2015, he still remains as impactful and relevant as ever. 

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