The Irish Parliament Committee has taken a stand on decriminalizing and regulating drugs. On December 14th, the Joint Committee on Justice published a report detailing drugs should be decriminalized for personal use. The report also recommended increasing investment to harm reduction services, including addiction treatments, and social interventions.

“the harms associated with pursuing a criminal justice led approach to drug use and misuse and recommends that a health led approach is prioritised in both policy and practice.”

The expansion of their Medical Cannabis Access Programme (MCAP) also came into question. They believe more people who are affected by chronic illnesses should have access to medical marijuana. Deputy James Lawless spoke about drug addiction in Ireland. It has an immense impact on the country and decriminalization might just be the answer.

“The Committee heard figures during its public engagement that the rate of drug deaths in Ireland ranks at three times the European average and that these figures are among the highest within the EU”

The Irish Government earlier this year agreed to let nightclubs stay open till 6 AM. Currently, their clubs only stay open until 2:30 AM.

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