The fifth chapter to ILLENIUM officially has a name and date. Everyone knew something was brewing when he suddenly cleared his Instagram page and started making daily updates to his profile photo, which many quickly deciphered to be album artwork that could only be compared to a design straight out of Game Of Thrones with his own spin. And we now know that to be the case, with ILLENIUM formally announcing his self-titled fifth album—due on April 28—that will add the next phase to his pursuit of dance music’s Iron Throne.

To pair with both the announcement and world tour reveal on January 20, ILLENIUM continued the rollout with a surprise fifth single, “Luv Me A Little” with Nina Nesbitt, which trails “Shivering” with Spiritbox—named one of Dancing Astronaut‘s Top Tracks of 2022—”All That Really Matters” with Teddy Swims, “From The Ashes” with Skylar Grey, and “Worst Day” with Max as the singles in the buildup to ILLENIUM. And “Luv Me A Little” is quintessentially ILLENIUM, coming as yet another perfect, rock-induced crossover between melodic bass-pop that listeners have come to know and love him for. With effervescent backing from Nina Nesbitt matching the quality production delivered by Dancing Astronaut‘s 2021 Artist of the Year, the single feels fresh and yet simultaneously nostalgic. And that’s entirely intentional. In his album announcement post, ILLENIUM detailed the nature behind the title and how he feels it chronologically places before Ashes, Awake, and Ascend, explaining,

“To me a self titled album is the core sound of who I am. I see this album and its story as a prequel to the Trilogy, where I get to explore my original musical inspirations and blend something that truly feels fresh. It’s made to be played live, with a band, and we’re bringing it on a world tour this summer/fall. I’ll announce tour dates later this week! Thank you all so so so much for your love and continued support and for letting me create whatever I want.”

Take a fifth glimpse into ILLENIUM below and register for early access to the tour here.

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