Chicago’s very own Honey Redmond, famously recognized as Honey Dijon, has officially turned in her second studio album, Black Girl Magic, now streaming via 1994-founded UK label Classic Music Company. The American house music icon’s long-awaited sophomore LP consists of 15 collaborative triumphs, drawing support from genre-disparate counterparts like Channel Tres, Sadie Walker, Mike Dunn, Dope Earth Alien, Kameelah Waheed, and Hadiya George.

“This album is dedicated to love… Love of music, community, but most of all, the love of self,” Dijon emphasized in a recent press statement. She further outlined the album’s core message of “being true to who you are in spite of everything else, and having the courage to love fearlessly.”

Dispatched in full on November 18, Black Girl Magic signifies Dijon’s first long-form undertaking since 2017’s The Best of Both Worlds, which earned its release on the same imprint as the new LP. Since contributing on Beyoncé’s RENAISSANCE and assisting with the May-released Madonna tribute album thus far in 2022, the new 15-track offering acts as a prodigious supplement to Dijon’s already-impressive calendar year.

Honey Dijon’s famously eclectic sound design and inherent love for collaboration shine brightly on Black Girl Magic. Stream the complete album below.

Featured image: NY Times

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