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Surrounded by 20,000+ people all dressed up in costumes and enjoying Porter Robinson’s curated lineup of stellar music artists has to have been one of the best ways to spend the Saturday before Halloween. It definitely was a weekend many of us who attended will not forget.

Photos From Second Sky 2022

What Went Down At Second Sky 2022

Fans of Porter Robinson and this annual festival always have an interesting lineup to look forward to since it tends to stray away from only being an EDM festival. This year brought the likes of the bubbly JPop artist Karyu Pamyu Pamyu, Pop group Magdalena Bay, and Swedish rapper Bladee. All of those artists do have some aspects of electronic music but were amazing acts to bring in to mix things up and give attendees a taste of something different. Of course there is EDM though, with it getting started with a set by Hudson Mohawke (½ of the duo known as TNGHT) delivering a high-energy set to get the crowd ready for the rest of the night.

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Then of course came the EDM Legend himself, Skrillex. In a surprise return, he made Second Sky his first festival appearance of 2022 to deliver another high energy level set filled with Skrillex classics like his Cinema remix and Scary Monsters Nice Sprites.

Then we calm down only a little bit with Porter coming onto the stage as Virtual Self teamed up with the amazing bass artist GJones. They change up the pace by providing both headbangers but also heady sounds to show some more of the experimental side of things for electronic music.

As nightfalls, we get a highly anticipated artist, RL Grime. He in his own right sells out his own Halloween show every year, so to have him as the direct support to Porter Robinson is the real treat for Halloween.

And to end it all, we get Porter Robinson with a set nothing as he has done before. He was playing his own music of course, but with the backing of a live band. It was a magical set, and you could hear how much the fans love him and his music, bringing him to the verge of tears with his third song. There’s nothing quite like hearing everyone at a festival sing every song word for word. But if you didn’t know any of his other songs, the best part of the night comes at the end. He reminds everyone that though his name is not at the forefront he was still a writer to Zedd’s hit song Clarity and then proceeds to sing his own cover of the song, live, with the entirety of the crowd and I cannot think of a better way for the night to end.

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