This Tuesday, webAR (augmented reality) content creation engine Geenee AR announced a Metaverse multiplayer experience for mobile and web browsers.

The immersive multiplayer experience utilises NFTs, which enables players to enjoy the game using their custom blockchain avatars and digital wearables.

The NFT All-Stars experience pits players against each other, where users fly their avatars through real-world environments to collect points.

The experiences use real-time 3D (RT3D) AR visualisations to display stars which the players must collect to gain the most points. Each match is 45 seconds long, and players can host private or public games.

Additionally, NFT All-Stars tracks each player’s score, placing their performance on a global leaderboard.

Elena De Sosa, VP of Partner Development at Geenee AR, also said that the RT3D immersive experience marks the next “logical next step” of the firm’s Metaverse roadmap.

She added:

Project holders seek utility and want their avatars’ stories to progress. Geenee is excited to help tell those stories in a fun and meaningful way.

The project also employs NFT assets from various Web3 brands, including Nomad Blvd, Nouns, Non-Fungible People, Doodles, CloneX, and The Sandbox – a massively popular Metaverse experience which uses the blockchain to support virtual real-estate, NFTs, and digital events.

Geenee AR also incorporates assets from Ready Player Me, a prominent designer of interoperable avatar technologies. Last month, the firm received $65 million in funding to scale its staff and stabilise market performances.

Furthermore, Ready Player Me partnered with Spatial and Polycount this week to assist in delivering Vogue’s New World immersive fashion experience.

Speaking at the XR Summit 2022

This month, Elena De Sosa, Cory Greiner, CEO of Geenee AR, and Roman Rappak, CCO, Co-Founder of Ristband, are speaking at the first-ever XR Summit on September 22nd, discussing the role and importance of digital identity for businesses in the Web3 age.

During the conversation, the speakers dove into extended reality (XR) diversity and digital identity for enterprises. Elena expressed that future Metaverse developments must present “enough opportunities for everyone.”

Elena also expressed how XR firms should keep real-world barriers to entry in mind and act conscientiously.

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