Today, FRAME, a Virbela sister application for immersive education and collaboration, introduced a series of user experience updates and upcoming information regarding the platform’s pricing changes.

FRAME is a virtual reality (VR) collaboration app that allows users to work together in immersive offices and classrooms.

The FRAME platform is a WebX application, meaning users can access the service via a web browser on various devices such as a desktop or VR headset. Notably, FRAME is available on the Meta Quest Pro, thanks to its browser-based interoperability.

The developers note that a minor issue occurs where assets flick in and out of view, although the FRAME team is actively working to fix the problem as soon as possible.

New Updates and Tweaks

FRAME’s latest update introduces new multi-line text and multi-language support, two long-requested features, which enable users to navigate different texts on a virtual display.

The platform update also introduces a setting for displaying custom user statuses. The new People Menu option lets users display their custom titles under their usernames.

Additionally, the update adds performance enhancements that reduce the computing resources required to render a FRAME immersive environment. FRAME no longer generates 3D assets hidden from the user to increase performance dramatically.

Platform Pricing Change

FRAME is redesigning its pricing infrastructure, marking a dramatic change to the application’s code and architecture, which assists with product scalability.

Following the platform’s Beta phase and initial pricing system, the service will soon introduce a redesigned payment which transitions its Frame “Founder” plan into an entirely automated subscription service.

Additionally, Frame Founder subscribers must resubscribe under the new payment method once launched.

Virbela to Develop a Metaverse United Culture

In a conversation with XR Today during the first-ever XR Summit, the CEO of Virbela, Alex Howland, explained the firm’s ecosystem of products, including Frame, can enhance peer-to-peer communications in a range of vertical markets like education, defence, and consultancy.

Howland said that Metaverse platforms provide dispersed physical teams with united virtual offices. The CEO said Virbela is working to unite people and give them a single place to have co-presence.

The CEO noted how Virbela already works with firms like eXp Realty, a primarily residential real estate brokerage, to host virtual offices on the Virbela Metaverse to support roughly 83,000 agents in the US and Canada.

Howland concluded the exclusive conversation by explaining how US firms burn a lot of money due to investments in physical offices. However, companies like eXp earned a positive cash flow thanks to its digital offices.

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