A trip into the scuzzy, zoned-out musical world of London producer and NTS resident MOBBS.

South London producer MOBBS has been one of NTS Radio’s most rewarding residents since his monthly show started in 2016. His mixes cover broad musical ground – one of his shows saw music from the Silent Hill soundtrack sharing airtime with Slipknot, Pop Smoke, Mötley Crüe and Avicii – and each show feels like its own intricately crafted mixtape.

MOBBS’ scuzzy, zoned-out solo material – spread across 2017’s OneLord and 2022’s Untitled, released in May through Felix Hall’s Chrome label – place him firmly in the lineage of UK producers Actress, Dean Blunt and Burial, drawing on influences such as DJ Screw, Southern rap, industrial music, drill and reggaeton to create his own compelling musical reality.

Outside of his solo work and NTS shows, MOBBS has begun to establish himself as a producer for other artists, collaborating closely with British-Czech artist POiSON ANNA, and a curator with his own label FOGG Entertainment. MOBBS’ multifaceted Fact Mix draws from each aspect of his craft, put together with the same care as his essential radio mixes but comprised of work by himself and tracks he’s worked on, upcoming material from FOGG and work from his peers.

Follow MOBBS on Instagram. His latest album, Untitled, is available now on Bandcamp.


MOBBS – Heavens Gate 
MOBBS – Bells of Satan 
MOBBS – Obsession
Sydney Spann – Dry Creek Well
Sydney Spann – October 2 at Home
Dead Sharon – Fullback
POiSON ANNA – Core (Prod. MOBBS)
MOBBS – Clandestine 
MOBBS – Crypt
Malvern Brume – Body Traffic
Fosse Active – Cut Out
Lung Dart – Untitled
MOBBS – Kotcha
DJ Darkness – Go Fuck Your Mother (Kelman Duran & MOBBS Remix)
MOBBS – On The Way 
Dead Sharon – Chein
Lung Dart – Scale Chalk Deposits
MOBBS – Laying In the Grave 
MOBBS – From The Ashes

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