Etnies is a brand that has been around for decades but has only been branching out from its core audiences over the past handful of years. It was back in 2021 that they launched their wilderness-friendly line of rugged winterwear shoes called the Etnies Winter Collection. 

And riding the success of last year’s line, Etnies has brought a few fresh models to the collection this year and were nice enough to send us a pair to check out for ourselves. So let’s dive into our thoughts on this new line of winter shoes and see if they are worth spending your money on and the space in your winter-gear collection.

The collection is available now, at

Is Etnies Still Around? 


In short, yes they are! And they are thriving. 

This may seem like a silly question in an article that dives into the finer points of whether the Etnies Winterized Collection is worth its space on your shoe rack, but it was a common question I received from some of my childhood friends who fondly remember Etnies as the go-to brand of skater shoes in the early 2000s. 

Etnies continues to push its brand forward with new iterations of its core lines of skate shoes alongside new innovations and products in completely new markets and industries. In fact, many of our own readership here at Magnetic might be surprised to learn that this isn’t even the first year that Etnies has had a Winter Collection! 

It’s always exciting seeing brands push the envelope forward, especially when they are bigger and more established brands like Etnies. 

My Favorite Things About The Etnies Winter Collection


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I took the Jameson HTW shoes from the Winterized Collection out for a few hikes after they were sent to me, and really had a chance to break them in on the lowlands and trails of Mount Hood outside of Portland, Oregon. After logging a few day trips in these shoes throughout the rainy months in the Pacific Northwest, I found a few things on these shoes that really made them shine for me. 

Their Ruggedness

First and foremost, they are well-built and designed. The Jameson hightops are made of sturdy, water-resistant material that actually keeps your feet warm in the cold instead of just dry. They accomplish this through their “Thermal heat retention aluminum stroble board,” which I thought was just a complicated buzzphrase until I tried them on for myself and was surprised to feel my feet were actually toasty! Awesome. 

The soles of the shoes were also made of a grippy-rubber material that kept grip with the trail well enough in the rainy weather and prevented about as much slippage on wet rocks and mud as one might hope. 

They Are Multi-Purpose

This mostly comes down to the fact that they simply look awesome, and work just as much in a day-hike gear kit as they do in a casual outfit for hitting the brewery once the hike is over. 

Oftentimes with outdoor wear, and with outdoor shoes especially, they sacrifice aesthetics for comfort and function. And while I wouldn’t recommend the Etnies Winterized Collection to anyone looking to hit the Pacific Crest Trail in its entirety this summer, these shoes hold up well for casual day hikes just as much as evening jaunts in the city. 

Are Etnies Waterproof?


The Etnies Winterized Collection of shoes may not be as truly “waterproof” as your Wellies boots, but they are extremely water resistant. Every one of the shoes in this series is designed and engineered to keep feet warm and dry for the winter adventures that lie ahead and they accomplished this goal with flying colors.

I have been breaking these shoes in and getting comfortable with them over the past couple of weeks and on a handful of different trail hikes and I can say that they held up strongly even through some fairly nasty Pacific Northwest rainstorms. 

Overall, these are a great option for those casual-yet-determined hikers looking to keep their toes warm on longer day hikes! 

The collection is available now, at

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