The TikTok world has been waiting for the release of ‘Time’ by Emorfik. The 20-year-old solo talent teased the record on the viral app and it went trending. ‘Time’ brings all the heat with heavy riddim basslines. A dystopian voice calls out for us in the beginning. While the clock begins to tick and track time, this voice takes control of the track.

“Do you know what I find funny about time? It’s that whenever I want to, I can stop it” hits right before the massive drop. Headbangers will rejoice to this and have their neck dangling. This is a unique Bass track we don’t find very often. It has melodic soft moments filled with glitchy pretty synths. It of course is met with heavy drops. This record is quite the journey. I am a big fan of the bridge and the emotion it presents.

Emorfik has been properly rewarded for his differentiation and love of electronic music. TikTok surged demand for the release to new heights and strengthened the already loyal, excited fanbase the soloist has accumulated.

Emorfik is currently embarking on a massive 35-city, 5-month tour promptly titled Chapter 2He’s experiencing fast-paced, inclining success early in his career. Make sure to check out ‘Time’ below!

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