Earos One Earplug Review

If you’re a music producer, DJ, or anyone working directly with music and live sound, your ears are your livelihood and should be protected as much as your 401k plan (not that we musicians have one, but that’s a different topic). As such, it would behoove producers and musicians at every level, whether they’re young and just starting or old and need to prevent further damage, to invest heavily in hearing protection.

And as more science comes out on the damages of loud noise and music, more companies are offering solutions and bringing noise-canceling earplugs to market to solve this issue. 

EAROS is one such brand whose acoustic filters, as they call them, are proclaimed to change the game officially. So let’s find out if they work! 

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What are the EAROS One Earplugs?

EAROS is a company specializing in hearing protection across a wide range of disciplines, and their EAROS One line was designed for musicians by a touring musician, Ronnie Madra.

With acoustic filters tested and approved by a wide range of thought leaders in the medical and technology industries, as well as industry professionals including Trevor Noah, Idris Elba, Rohan Marley, and many more, EAROS is the number #1 choice for sleek and top tier hearing protection. 

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From concerts to nightclubs and more, EAROS claims to allow you to enjoy creating memorable nightlife experiences while knowing your hearing won’t pay the price.

Like many in his industry, Madra suffers from tinnitus – a constant ringing in his ears – and hearing loss, which inspired him to create a brand that would become the role model for sophisticated health consciousness wherever there are unsafe decibel levels by developing the EAROS One earplugs

How Does The EAROS One Earplugs Sound?


When used properly, the EAROS One can provide upwards of 17dB of noise protection without the sound presenting as muffled or dampened. So whether you are at a concert, club, or doing live sound on-site, you hear as you usually would. 

EAROS’ patented passive filtering system, I found, delivered a full spectrum of sound and sonic clarity that I was quite impressed by (especially considering this has only a $40 price point). This is incredibly important when you’re working n live sound, but it also can be a game changer when going to a club to enjoy the music. Are used to the cheap foam earplugs that ruin any semblance of sonic integrity of the music you’re listening to. 

So overall, the final verdict is that these things sound damn good and are affordable and practical for what you are looking for. Sure, they are no custom-molded hearing protection, but they also don’t cost the hundreds of dollars those custom fittings usually tend to charge. 

Design On The EAROS One Earplugs

Overall, these things are small, compact, and comfortable. 

I wore them while on-site at a festival a few weeks ago and had no issues with them staying safe and sound in my ear canal while hustling and bustling around the site. They fit firm and solidly in the ear canal, ensuring a tight connection without feeling impossible to get out of it once they’re in there. 

The outer body helps too, which is bulky enough to make it easy to remove the earplugs when you are not using them or need to take them out. 

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