Many 8ths Are In A Pound

Could you eyeball how much this is? 

So much of cannabis culture comes down to informal talk, slang, and other jargon that the waters can get a bit muddy when discussing cold-hard quantities. Because with phrases like Zips, Dime Bags, 8ths, and more don’t always translate perfectly to terms like 16 grams, 1 pound, or anything else on the metric scale.

So let’s unpack some of the most common questions we hear in the cannabis community so that at least at the next party or smoke sesh, you can confidently say how many 8ths are in a pound of weed.

To do this, let’s break it down bit by bit…

But first, do you know anything about Glass Blunts? Here’s the lowdown…

How Many Eighths Are In A Pound?

Many 8ths Are In A Pound

Here is the fast and easy answer: There are one hundred and twenty-eight eighths of weed in a pound of cannabis. 

That’s pretty crazy, right?

But if you’re anything like me, it takes a little more of a breakdown; if you ever want this information in hopes that this fun fact will stick in your head, then here we go.

Let’s start with the most significant form of measurement we could shoot for: one pound, which is comprised of 16 ounces. And we all know that an “8th” stands for an eighth of a single ounce (right?). This means that one ounce is equal to eight eighths. That’s undoubtedly a tongue twister!

So essentially, how we arrive at 128 eighths in a pound of cannabis would be eight eighths = 1 ounce X 16 ounces in a pound. 16 x 8 = 128. Boom! We did it.

Would Bob Marley Have Listened To Vinyl On This? I’d Like To Think So! 

What’s The Best Way To Measure Large Amounts Of Weed?

8ths in a pound 3

Undoubtedly, the best way to measure large quantities of weed will be on a scale with containers and materials specifically designed for the job. That being said, I know that’s always an option, so here are the best ways to get a “decently’ accurate measurement when measuring large amounts of weed.

Use A Scale (duh)

When weighing your weed, you should have the right equipment. Usually, if you are serious about cannabis and measuring it as accurately as possible, you will need to get a scale.

Having a digital scale that reads to the nearest hundredth of a gram is important. During the process, you will also need a dish or tray to place the marijuana on.

A small dish can help you to avoid touching the cannabis with your hands, which can keep the scale clean. You will also need some marijuana to measure.

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Weigh your marijuana by putting the container on the scale first. This will account for the weight of the container, so it doesn’t interfere with the final measurement.

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Don’t Have A Real Scale? DIY

If you lack the tools above, you could fashion your scale. All that would be required are a pair of scissors, a hanger, some string, and small baskets or other containers. To begin, take the hanger and make a hole in its center.

The scissors can be helpful for this. Make two more holes in each corner, the same distance from the middle.

Cut the string in half and tie one half on each side of the holes. You will tie another piece of yarn in the middle to balance it. Then, you can tie your baskets or other containers in the corners. Voila, here is your homemade scale, which you can use to measure your cannabis flower. It’s not ideal, as I said, but it’s better than many other options.

“Try” An iPhone App

Numerous apps available boast the ability to weigh objects placed on the screen. However, their accuracy may not be optimal. Your phone does not have an internal scale, and the app relies on your phone’s sensors to estimate weight.

These apps might be more appropriate for use as a party trick.

Best Containers For Measuring Large Quantities Of Weed

8ths in a pound

When measuring large amounts of cannabis, just placing it on a scale usually doesn’t do the trick. 28 grams, pounds, and even quarters can slide off the scale and make a mess; it’s simply too much weed.

Here are my two favorite ways to measure large amounts of weed, even if you only have a small scale.

Plastic Container

Tupperware containers work great for measuring large quantities of weed. Sure, they probably can’t handle more than a pound of marijuana, but they should be able to take any smaller amount.

Tupperware containers work for a few reasons. Firstly, they have flat bottoms that are easy to balance on more minor scales. The last thing you want is a textured or lop-sided container to slip and pour your flower on the floor.

The second reason is the material they are made out of. The softer and often-slick plaster that comprises the Tupperware may have a wicking quality that prevents the weed and kief from sticking to the sides and going to waste.

Gallon Bags

There is a reason why you so often see gallon plastic bags being used in TV and film when the bad guys are smuggling weed; they work great at keeping it all contained in one place!

Gallon Ziploc bags are great for concentrating your weed all in one place for it to be measured and scaled. Plus, its lightweight nature won’t distort the actual quantity of the flower in the bag itself, often leading to more accurate measurements.

Can You Eyeball Large Measurements Of Cannabis?

It’s never really recommended to eyeball cannabis amounts for many reasons. If you are heart set on it, the most accessible quantity to eyeball would be grams, but any other portion after that starts getting a little sketchy.


Because Nugs can be little, different strains can be denser than others, and many other variables make it a non-viable way to get accurate measurements.

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