Big news: A Chicago commission on landmarks will consider arguments for granting preliminary landmark status to the site of seminal house music club The Warehouse this Thursday April 13 2023.

The original location of The Warehouse was added to the agenda of the Commission on Chicago Landmarks’ next regular meeting after a grassroots campaign, worldwide media coverage and an online petition lead by architectural conservation group Preservation Chicago.

The petition has gathered more than 12,000 signatures at press time.

Opened by Robert Williams, The Warehouse was Frankie Knuckles‘ first residency in Chicago. Originally called US Studios, The Warehouse operated at several locations throughout the city including the three-story building at 206 S. Jefferson in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. The site is revered as a landmark of importance to Chicago’s house music scene and the African-American and LGBTQ+ community.

The building has long been converted into a commercial office space, and sold to new owners in December. Preservation Chicago cited 206 S. Jefferson as one of Chicago’s seven “most endangered” buildings and destinations. The Century Building at 202 S. State and Consumers Building at 220 S. State which were also among the endangered properties highlighted by Preservation Chicago, are also on the agenda for the April 13 meeting.

According to a draft document of the agenda, the Commission will consider whether The Warehouse building meets two criteria for landmark designation according to the Chicago municipal code.

The Commission on Chicago Landmarks is a body staffed by the Historic Preservation Division of the Chicago Department of Planning and Development. The commission is responsible for recommending sites for legal protection as landmarks as well as reviewing proposals for alteration or demolition of structures considered to be historically or architecturally significant.

The meeting will be held on Thursday April 13 2023 at 12:45 pm Central time. Those interested in speaking or observing the meeting can join the stream by Zoom at the Commission’s website, which will be active when the meeting is about to begin.

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