After a decade, one of the most in-demand DJs, Carl Cox has returned with a new album called Electronic Generations. This new techno mixed, 2-disc album includes 24 tracks of Carl Cox’s veteran production skills. Disc one includes 17 tracks and includes no features – it is purely a product of the man himself. Disc two consists entirely of tracks that include featured artists and a few remixes of Carl’s track ‘Speed Trials on Acid‘.

Anyone that attended his headline show at Wembley Arena back in October heard the whole album before the release date of December 2nd of this year. Now, you can enjoy Carl Cox’s Electronic Generations on multiple streaming platforms.

After continuing to stand as a pioneer in the dance scene for over 20 years, Carl has once again proven that he is still at the top his game. He continues to influence club culture and play at clubs all over the world. He is even known for showcasing other artist of talent with events like Carl Cox and friends at Ultra Music Festival. Releasing an album after so many years is just the move a music prodigy like Carl Cox would do.

More about ‘Electronic Generations’

Carl Cox’s love for techno is not a secret, especially to the people that have ever attended one of his famous sets. He expresses his love for the genre and his ability to play it for millions. In ‘Electronic Generations’ you can feel that love. Each of the mesmeric tracks embody a character and message of their own.

“Techno drives home somewhere, It takes you to an element of surprise, not knowing where you’re going. It’s scary but wonderful at the same time.”

– Carl Cox

Tracks like ‘Deep Space X‘ and ‘World Gone Mad‘ have already amassed millions of streams on the internet. The most popular amongst the bunch have been from disc two, the featured artist and remix disc. Remixes of Carl’s song ‘Speed Trials On Acid‘ have seen a surplus of streams, more than majority of the other tracks from both disc.

No matter the popularity of the tracks, each and every one plays a special part in this techno masterpiece. The sound design and drum grooves are specific to Carl Cox himself and blend together seamlessly in-between plays.

Up Next: Carl Cox’s Live Shows

Carl Cox isn’t shy of touring the world with his extreme DJ talents. He host events, plays at the biggest music festivals, and headlines clubs in the biggest cities. Frequently, he goes to his home, the United Kingdom, to play. Also, as any superstar would, he frequents the United States. He will be playing in London, UK and Miami, FL this month. You can find his events and news on his website

After this new album, it will be no problem for this Techno Titan to hold his spot at the top with the rest of the dance music industry leaders. This album will be a techno staple for the time to come. If you haven’t listened yet, you can stream Electronic Generations here.

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