Sissy Hank is a brand new coming together of three artists from Sicily who prefer to remain anonymous.  As they drop their impressive debut, ‘Don’t Ask Me’, on Rollover Milano Records, DMCWorld Goes Back To Mine with Sissy Hank…

Underworld – Beaucoup Fish

Cold, alienating electronics. A haunted dance, mixed with industrial synth, as if Kraftwerk went for tea with NIN.

2 Mercury Rev – Deserter’s Songs

Absolute masterpiece, for one of the cult bands of the independent world scene. Songs like pearls, nostalgic atmosphere and timeless romance. (Our Gioele Valenti boasts a collaboration with the leader Jonathan Donahue).

3 Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

Postpunk excellence. Ian Curtis, decadent poet never too celebrated.

4 Jesus And Mary Chain – Automatic

Shoegaze meets electropunk. Talented band, that has crossed every semantic limit reachable in three chords.

5 Neu! – Neu!

Motorik without time. There would be not psychedelia without this seminal disc.

6 The League Unlimited Orchestra – Love and Dancing

Human League invents techno but they don’t know…

7 Gang of Four – Entertainment

Even the Punks dance.

8 808 State – Quadrastate

Factory’s Graham Massey goes to Balearic techno

9 The Clash – Sandinista

Dreads meets punk rockers.

10 PIL – Metal Box

Sex Pistols in a modern way.

Sissy Hank ‘Don’t Ask Me’ is out now on Rollover Milano Records.

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