Laure is an emerging artist from the Parisian techno scene. From IDM to Industrial Techno, with a touch of Acid, she makes music with real emotion, and her tracks have been supported by artists like Kerstin Eden, Joseph Capriati, Paul Nineham, Jon Connor and Paco Osuna. Her latest release on Enlace Records, ‘A Confused Mind EP’, explores territory where good and evil are difficult to distinguish, reflecting both the determinism of certain periods of life, and the mad desire to get out of it. DMCWorld goes back to mine with Laure.

Zobol – Schrodinger Equation

Full of lovely details, with a touch of acid and a melancholic bassline, a great choice when you want to please guests with a melodic break music, keeping it soft and gentle.

Atom – I See More Than You Do

Atom is a fascinating artist, his content is just unbelievable. This minimal and hypnotic track, which seems endless, will bring you to another dimension.

Alpha Tracks – Idomeneo

Let’s stick with minimal and hypnotic tracks for now. This one, with a touch of acid always makes me smile when I hear the first 3 seconds, listen to this pad..

VIL & Cravo – Links

Still hypnotic, this one has a house vibe, fast paced, it will energize your after party.

Emmanuel – Immortal Severance

Emotional and ethereal, this track is on repeat everyday since it came out. Ideal when the sun is rising.

Remco Beekwilder – Skeemask (I Hate Models Eternal Snow Remix)

This gem has a beautiful bassline and a perfect drumbeat, I can feel the darkness of the pads and the attention paid to details.

Tatyana Jane – Vertigo City

Very fresh and innovative, sounds like an ear candy from start to finish.

Scuba – NE1BUTU

Classic never dies, this track is (g)old but still perfectly modern.

Gents – Young Again – peachlyfe 4evermix

Positive and dynamic, it will cheer up your afterparty people, let’s not let them fall asleep. 🙂

Park Hye Jin – Y DON'T U (feat. Clams Casino & Take A Daytrip)

And to close this track list, a brilliant collaboration. Elegant and perfectly put together, it’s simply impossible for me not to listen to this gem on repeat.

Laure ‘A Confused Mind’ is out now on Enlace Records.

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