A compilation by SYNTHEKE records to close the curtain after 8 years.

A turning point.

A dusk for a new dawn.

5 artists have joined this last release to close a journey that lasted eight years.

go-Dratta, GIMA, Danny lo Scippo, Riccardo Noč & TON 618.

From Melodic Techno, to Electronica, passing through Hypnotic Techno to Ambient Noise, 5 different artists paying their own tribute.

This will be the last release that close the curtain, before the coming of EXODUS. Grab your copy HERE.

“The track “Medz Yeghern” by Riccardo Noè is dedicated to Armenian people to the remembrance of Armenian Holocaust.

“Neptune” by TON 618 has been created using the magnetic field signal from the planet itself, transposed to audio signal.”

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