Seelen. At Distillery


Date & Time:
16th December 2022 at 11:00pm


Sue Lèwig live
Monoloc x JANEIN
Martin Menge


Distillery, Leipzig (Germany)


Press Info:
Two Facts :
Punk is a music genre that developed in the mid-1970s widely known through it’s production style of fast-paced songs, with hard-edged melodies and stripped-down instrumentation paired with an embrace of DIY-culture and the rejection of established rules.

SEELEN. is an independent Techno record label founded in 2018 by JANEIN and Stigmatique, that is based out of Leipzig, Germany.

While at first glance these might not have a lot in common, upon closer inspection you begin to notice, clear as day, there is a distinctly punk mentality in the labels modus operandi. From their cover artworks, that have more in common with a record-stores Death Metal section, to the fact that the label is completely self-distributed to avoid the industry machinery that crushes the spirits of many trying to go through it.

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Sue Lèwig – “Diffuse Reality Podcast 015”

Monoloc – “@Anormal X Altenburg 1964_16.09.2022”

JANEIN – “RP. 026”

Stigmatique – “Drec Series 013”

Verschwender – “Phase.Ctv Records Series #06”

Shaleen – “About Blank Berlin :// Zement”

Rezystor – “Rote Sonne Podcast 23”

Martin Menge – “Eigenbedarf Podcast 007”


Martin Menge – “Fäule”

Sue Lèwig – “Lestat”

Sue Lèwig – “Stellan”

Stigmatique – “Somewhere At Nowhere”

Martin Menge – “Frevel”

JANEIN – “Gaja”

Stigmatique – “Unholy Discription”

Sue Lèwig – “Slanya”

Monoloc – “Pandora”

JANEIN – “Escape”

JANEIN – “1129514”

Sue Lèwig – “Shadows”

JANEIN – “Test”

Stigmatique – “Weltschmerz”

JANEIN – “Meteor Rain”

Monoloc – “Sudek”

Stigmatique – “A Never Forgotten Soul”


Stigmatique’s “Kollisionen” on DVNTT
Rezystor’s “The Core of Chaos EP” on T/W/B
split EP “KK003” w/ Stigmatique & Rezystor on Kriptika Records
JANEIN’s “Wormhole EP” on Warg Records
split single “Super Sound Tool #3” w/ JANEIN on Super Sound Tool
all stuff on WIR Records, Martin Menge’s label
all stuff on Seelen. Records




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